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Victorian Elevator

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If you're looking for a high-quality elevator that will blend in seamlessly with your home, we have the elevator for you! The Victorian Residential Elevator is equipped with a winding drum system that offers a smooth and comfortable ride up and down the levels of your home. With its wide range of cab styles, wood finishes, door systems, fixtures and designs, the Victorian can be truly custom-built to your style.

If you cannot manage the stairs any longer but do not want to move out of the home you love, the Victorian will give you the freedom to be independent and access all levels of your home, safely.

Give us a call and discover the peace of mind you deserve!

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Product Specifications
ApplicationsIndoor Residential
Capacity950 lb
Maximum Travel Distance40'
Cab Dimensions (standard)36x36 (inline only) / 36x48 / 36x60
Cab Dimensions (optional)Up to 15 ft sq / 90 degree requires 38" width
Speed (per minute)40'
Minimum Overhead Required106"
DriveWinding Drum
Motor/Pump3 HP
Cab Heights84"
Max Landings4
Power Requirement220V 1Ph
Pit Depth10 inches
SafetyEmergency Lighting, Emergency Lowering with DC Backup, Emergency Stop Alarm, Door Interlock

Options Available for the Victorian Elevator

  • Stops
    • 2 Stops   $0.00

      No Image
    • 3 Stops   $2,395.00

      No Image
    • 4 Stops   $3,995.00

      No Image
  • Hoistway Construction
    • Wood   $0.00

      No Image
    • Concrete   $0.00

      No Image
  • Cab Configuration
    • Same Side Enter/Exit   $0.00

      No Image
    • Passthrough Cab (includes 2nd gate)   $2,499.00

      No Image
    • 90 Degree Cab (includes 2nd gate) (width must be at least 38")   $2,995.00

      No Image
  • Cab Size
    • Standard: 30"-42" Width x 36"-50" Depth   $0.00

      No Image
    • Custom: Up to 44" Width and 60" Depth (not more than 15 ft/sq)   $1,595.00

      No Image
  • Cab Dimensions - Maximum 15 ft/sq
    • Width: 30"-42" Standard, Up to 44" Custom   $0.00

      Width: 30"-42" Standard, Up to 44" Custom
    • Depth: 36"-50" Standard, Up to 60" Custom   $0.00

      No Image
  • Cab Finish
    • White Chocolate   $0.00

      White Chocolate
    • Nutmeg   $0.00

    • Dark Chocolate   $0.00

      Dark Chocolate
    • Urban Vibe   $0.00

      Urban Vibe
    • Unfinished MDF (Paint Grade)   $0.00

      Unfinished MDF (Paint Grade)
    • Acrylic Cab   $2,933.34

      No Image
  • Cab Interior
    • 4 Recessed LED Lights (2 Lights are Standard)   $200.00

      No Image
    • VOIP Phone   $266.67

      No Image
    • Ceiling Match Cab   $120.00

      No Image
  • Additional Hand Rail (facing the cab from the bottom landing)
    • You may select only one additional   $0.00

      No Image
    • Left   $260.00

      No Image
    • Rear   $260.00

      No Image
    • Right   $260.00

      No Image
  • Gate Options
    • Clear Acrylic Gate   $0.00

      No Image
    • White Gate   $0.00

      No Image
    • Gate Matches Cab   $499.00

      No Image
    • Powder Coated Frame   $999.00

      No Image
  • Other Options
    • Float Switch   $240.00

      No Image
    • Buffer Springs   $413.34

      No Image
    • Locks Only (for doors supplied by others)   $399.00

      Hercules Interlock for Customer Provided Gate or Door
    • Interior Wooden Door Jamb 36" x 80" (door not included)   $899.00

      No Image
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