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Wheelchair Vehicle Conversions


AmeriGlide is proud to offer a selection of fully converted pickup trucks that will allow wheelchair bound drivers and passengers to enter and operate their vehicle without assistance.  

Standard Features:

  • Remote start and lift controls
  • 25 seconds complete lift and load time
  • Better gas milage than traditional wheelchair vans (Vans lose 25-30% MPG vs. Trucks 10-15%)
  • Improved safety rating over standard GM trucks
  • 30 day turnaround time for most truck conversions
  • Hydraulic lift system means more power and less maintenance compare to electric lifts

Models Eligible for Conversion (New or Used)

All full size 2008-2014 GM trucks

SUVs:  Escalade, Suburban. Denali

AmeriGlide is proud to be the largest distributor for ATC - Innovative Mobility converted vehicles in the country.
Current Inventory