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Curved Stairlifts

AmeriGlide Curved Stair Lifts

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custom painted rails
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curved stair lift custom rail options
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The AmeriGlide Curved Process

The video above gives a great overview, from start to finish, of what to expect in the Curved Stair Lift process. Since a curved stair lift is custom built just for your home, the process takes a little longer than buying a "cookie-cutter" one. The wait (and extra cost) is worth it though if you want a stair lift that is a top-notched addition to your home.

Curved Stair Lift Process - 4-5 Weeks Total

  1. We fly someone out to measure your staircase with a digital measurement kit.
  2. CAD drawings are made of your stair case. This gives you a visual picture of what the final product is going to look like.
  3. You receive the drawings to approve the final design.
  4. The drawings go back to the factory and your stair lift is made.
  5. The finished product is air shipped to your location.
  6. You let us know when it gets there and we'll setup an appointment to come and install.
  7. Our installer catches a flight out to install your stair lift.
curved stair lift small footprint

Customize To Fit Your Needs

Curved Stair Lift 90 degree turn

90° Turn

Curved Stair Lift 180 degree turn

180° Turn

Curved Stair Lift Over Run / Run On

Bottom Run-On or Top Run-off

Curved Stair Lift Nose Drop

Nose Drop

Loads of Features

Curved Stair Lift Digital Display

Digital diagnostic display built into the armrest, to check all the information and diagnostics about you stair lift in real time.


Independent lever footrest raiser to open and close the footrest easily when you need it without having to bend down. Also allows easy transfer for wheelchair users.

Curved Stair Lift Ergonomic Joystick

Ergonomic joystick Can be used as a button or lever to make the stair lift easy to operate in a natural and comfortable position even with limited mobility.

Curved Stair Lift Security Key

Security key switch under the armrest, to prevent unauthorized use of your stair lift.

Curved Seat Options

Ergo Standard
Curved Standard Seat

  • Adjustable seat back, pad and arm positions.
  • Digital Diagnostic Display in arm
  • Ergonomic joystick
  • Retractable reel seatbelt Available in a variety of colours

Ergo Plus
Curved Ergo Seat

  • Specially contoured seat pad
  • More comfortable for users with shorter legs
  • Brings in knees to save up to almost an inch (.98") on narrow staircases

Ergo Space
Curved Space Seat

  • Shorter, curved backrest
  • Positions user closer to the wall
  • Can save up to 2.36" on narrow staircases or 3.34" when combined with ERGO Plus pad.