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Manufacturer's Limited Warranty


This warranty is valid for 2 years from warranty start date on all parts and components from the date of shipping per the following conditions. The motor gearbox has a 5-year warranty and commences from warranty start date. All warranties are per the terms and conditions listed below.

WD Series elevators manufactured by AmeriGlide, Inc.:

AmeriGlide, Inc. will repair or replace, at our discretion, any part or component, or any defects in materials or workmanship, which fail or occur under normal private residence use and indoor residential conditions during the first 2 years from the date of shipping. Damages or failures which occur due to misuse, shipping, construction use, vandalism, and acts of god (including but not limited to lightening, flood, fire, wind damages) are not covered by this warranty. Damages or failures which occur during installation and/or result from improper installation are not covered by this warranty. Labor to repair/install replacement parts is not covered by this warranty. Shipping of replacement parts is not included in this warranty. Construction use is defined as use of the elevator by any contractor, subcontractor or individual before final inspection of the elevator or final acceptance from the end user/purchaser.

Upon written notice of a warranty claim, AmeriGlide, Inc. will correct the problematic part/component within a reasonable amount of time. Parts or components in stock shall be shipped within 1 week of the warranty claim. For parts/components which are not in stock or require fabrication, a reasonable lead time will be quoted to the party submitting the warranty claim, and the part/component will be shipped once the part/component is completed.

If you have a warranty claim, promptly submit the claim, in writing, to AmeriGlide, Inc. via email, mail, or fax. Include the job name, number and description of the problem. Signed service orders/tickets from the elevator service company detailing the troubleshooting method used to determine the defective part may be required (at our discretion) for certain warranty claims. Upon receipt of the claim, we will contact the party submitting the claim and advise the status of the claim. AmeriGlide, Inc. reserves the right to request/require more detailed information and/or troubleshooting prior to processing a warranty claim.

Modifications of any type to any part or system of the elevator or lift shall void the entire warranty and completely remove any and all liability from AmeriGlide, Inc.. If a modification is deemed necessary it shall be approved, in writing, by AmeriGlide, Inc., prior to making the modification.

Residential elevator systems are very complex electro-mechanical systems which must be properly installed by a trained, licensed elevator technician. This unit requires annual service/maintenance by a licensed elevator technician. All warranties are invalid if the service record has not been completed showing annual service/maintenance.